Covid-19 Information

Autumn In Wales

Update 1st November 2020

Wales is in a “circuit breaker” lockdown until the 9th November. Welsh Government have announced that we will be open for business again from 10th November . It looks increasingly likely that England will go into a 4 week lockdown (before we come out of our 17 day circuit breaker in Wales), so for those based outside of Wales, travel to Wales is not likely to be possible until December .

For anyone based in Wales, from 10th November, we can offer any guided activities, navigation courses, mountain skills, ML and MCI refresher days and winter mountaineering once the snow arrives.  

From early to mid-December we should be able to open up more widely .

Winter 20-21 

For the coming winter season, there are many uncertainties that will affect how we are able to operate.
The two main issues are travel restrictions because of Covid and working regulations in EU countries because of the looming no-deal Brexit.
Because of the uncertainty I will be guiding in Scotland in the the early season and then hopefully to the Alps and Norway later on once things are more clear.
Scotland & Wales
From mid January I will available in Scotland for winter mountaineering and climbing , and/or touring for skiers and splitboarders.
Touring in Scotland it is very weather and conditions dependant, so if it’s good for touring then we will tour but if not then we can switch to winter mountaineering.
Should winter conditions be present in North Wales I will be available for any winter guiding there too from November onwards.
The Alps
The British Mountain Guides are seeking clarification from Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy about legal requirements of continuing to work as Guides in the Alps.
I hope we will have more information in the next few weeks and once we do I will be offering Alpine dates. I am hopeful that this will be from mid February, when perhaps we will have more Covid safe travel options too.
We already have assurance from the Norwegian government that the way in which we currently work in Norway will be unaffected after January 1st 2020.
If Covid travel restrictions lift by spring, trips to Senja, Lofoten and Lyngen are planned for late March and April .
We are taking reservations for dates (without deposits) for the winter weeks as normal, but remaining flexible regarding itineraries and venues at this stage.
This is easier to do if you have a private group , or even the makings of a group  (eg 2-3 people coming together) as we may be able to combine small groups.
Please get in touch about any plans , ideas and dates.