Navigation Skills

One-day navigation skills courses, based in Snowdonia, for runners, mountain bikers, mountaineers and walkers. We often run a few of these during the autumn mid-October to mid-December. Private courses for groups or individuals can be arranged anytime.

You’ll start off indoors with a classroom session looking at the nuts and bolts of map and compass work, either learning or refreshing skills such as identifying map features, measuring heights and distances, and taking bearings and timings from the map. The focus will be on gaining a solid understanding of the tools of navigation and the information available from your map.  You will then take the skills outdoors and work on relating them to features on the ground via navigational tasks.  This will involve taking distance measurements from your map and counting them out on the ground, over all types of mountainous terrain, using timing, pacing and landmark features. You will also be taking directional bearings from the map and then following them on the ground using your compass.  Other skills we will look at will be feature identification, reading contour lines on the ground, using a variety of strategic techniques to find map locations and developing your relocation skills to help you when you get lost!

Towards the end of the day we will head back indoors to review the day. If we have time we will have a brief  look at the use of some digital mapping tools for navigation.

Who’s it for? Any outdoors person who wants to build confidence and efficiency when navigating in hilly or mountainous terrain

How fit do I need to be? You should be capable of walking over rough terrain for a few hours without becoming overly fatigued

Who is the course provider? The course will be delivered by Ric, who has spent many years training and assessing Mountain Leaders,  Instructors and Guides for navigation assessments.

What do I need to bring?  You’ll need pen and paper, outdoor clothing (including some warm layers), packed lunch and drink, headtorch, warm hat and gloves, all in a small backpack. Maps and compasses can be provided but if you have your own please bring them along.

Where and When ?  The course will kick off at 9am and we should be finished by 5.30pm latest! Courses will be based from Llanberis .

Dates: TBC – get in touch if you are keen to come along and we’ll try to sort out a date that suits as many people as possible.

Cost £40 per person . Group size 6-8 people.

Booking : Email for booking information and payment details.