What you pay depends on whether you are joining a group or whether you are opting for private guiding. For simplicity all our rates are  in GBP.

Private Guiding
Private guiding is for private groups or individuals employing the Guide on a daily basis for a bespoke itinerary. The fee works on a sliding scale according to the number of guests to one Guide. The fees below are for guiding only, per day. Guide expenses are not included and should be paid as you go along.

UK (Wales) rates for 2024.

Basic UK rate is £280 per day for 1 person (1 to 1 guiding), and £300 for 2 people (1 to 2 guiding)

Larger groups, or for guiding elsewhere in the UK, eg Scottish winter/summer guiding we would normally quote for specifically.

ALPINE and OVERSEAS guiding rates for 2024

Basic rate for all non-UK guiding is £425 per day for 1-2 people,  adding £25 per person after that

Groups  of more than 4 should contact us for a specific quote. Some more challenging climbs may warrant higher fees.

The Guide fee does not include Guides’ expenses such as accommodation, transport, ski lifts, food etc. These can be paid as you go along. It is possible to quote a fee to include expenses if you prefer.

Because of variables it’s always best to confirm the rate before you make your booking.