Summer Alpine climbing

Climbing Alpine mountains is something that will draw on the skills of scrambling, climbing on snow using ice axe and crampons, general mountain walking and often a bit of rock climbing.  If you have done some walking and climbing in the UK, then the Alps makes a logical next step.  The challenge of Alpine climbing is a memorable and exciting experience in spectacular terrain. The skills needed are easily learned and can take you into breathtaking places.

What can I do?

There are many levels of guided Alpine experiences, ranging from Alpine rock climbing and scrambling, both in the valleys and also up high, big snowy glaciated peaks that you can ascend with crampons and ice axes , or climbing some of the classic and famous Alpine summits and more technical peaks and following long Alpine ridges.  You can also learn Alpinism skills,  so that you can build your experience and discover the Alpine peaks by yourself.  I don’t offer Mont Blanc or Matterhorn courses as there are many other Guides and specialist companies who already do that very well, although I’m very happy to provide advice and training either in the UK or in the Alps for both of these peaks.

When to go?

The summer season runs from mid June to late September, as this is when most of the mountain refuges are open and the mountains are clear of the winter snow. During this period many of the higher mountains are in good condition and the weather is generally quite reliable. It is the most usual time for Alpine mountaineering as we would expect conditions to be at their optimum.

In late September and October, and even into early November, for a little more physical effort, you can have fun out of season Alpine adventures. During this time the Alps are much quieter and a bit colder, but it can be great if you want to avoid the crowds. Perhaps with the rising temperatures this could be the shape of things to come, and autumn will be the new summer!

Any Alpine summer or autumn guiding is arranged on a bespoke basis. Contact me to discuss options if you are interested in this.