Alpine Splitboard Touring

There’s some great splitboarding in the Alps, and it’s a great place to try it out for the first time. There are some cool adventures to be had using the hut system to get into the high mountains too. There are many classic ski tours which can be done on a splitboard, but also there’s a benefit to modifying some tours to make them more ‘Splitboard Friendly’ – avoiding long flat valleys or traverses, and following more up and down itineraries in preference to long distance based trips.

Consequently some of the routes that appeal to ski tourers don’t always appeal to splitboarders, and it’s worth doing things slightly differently, such as staying in huts for more than one night to allow extra riding and seeking out good terrain.

Over the years I have done many classic hut-to-hut Alpine tours on a board, and with splitboarders, plus a fair amount of mixing it up with some day tours and some hut nights as part of a week long trip.

It’s possible to hire splitboarding gear in the major Alpine resorts so that is an option too if you are looking to try out some adventures on a snowboard for the first time .

Get in touch about possible routes if you are interested in splitboard trip in the high Alps