Alpine Training

Alpine Training in Snowdonia

Maybe you have plans to head out to the Alps and you are keen to learn some skills before you go?  Snowdonia is a perfect venue for all aspects of Alpine training as there’s a lot of spiky, rocky terrain, all within a relatively short distance from the road , which makes it ideal for learning rope techniques, or simply just getting some mileage in before you go.

This kind of training is equally valuable for anyone who is going out to the Alps on a guided trip, or is heading over with plans to climb some Alpine peaks unguided.   Perhaps you are wondering about doing something in the Alps and you are keen to find the right kind of trip for you.  Mont Blanc Training and Matterhorn training weekends are both very popular, as is simply learning a few skills and having a good time!

We can cover everything from movement skills on rocky terrain, through to crevasse rescue and glacier travel techniques, moving together and short roping, climbing in big boots, what to take and what to wear, and we can also give you some idea of what to expect on your Alpine trip so that when you get there you feel prepared and ready.