Insurance (Overseas trips only)

It is essential that you have good cover for Rescue and Repatriation in the event of an accident in the mountains, with a high level of Medical cover. It is worth a few extra pounds to know that you have a policy that you will be able to rely on should anything go wrong. Remember to check the territorial limits and also the sporting activities covered by your policy. A standard travel insurance will not be suitable. There are many good policies out there and they should not cost the earth. We are very happy to advise on this so please get in touch if that would be helpful.

We also insist on cancellation insurance on our booking form. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or loss of earnings in the even of short notice cancellations due to illness, injury or other unforeseen reasons. Please make sure that you read our Terms and Conditions for more information on this.

Once your deposit has been paid it is non-refundable
(see Terms and Conditions), likewise the balance.  One policy which guarantees reimbursing your guide fees if you have to cancel your trip (eg due to injury or illness) is the British Mountaineering Council in Manchester which we would recommend. Visit BMC policies webpage.

For odd days and short trips cover is available in the Alps with Carte Neige, usually available from tourist offices. Some Alpine club memberships include an insurance package, such as Austrian Alpine Club (which also gives you hut discounts) – but check these policies to make sure they are adequate for you.